JONATHAN WIRES is an extraordinary bassist , composer, and educator. Originally from New Hampshire, Jonathan received his Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance from the University of Memphis. In 2011, he pursued a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies from Middle Tennessee State University, which brought him to Nashville, TN. In addition to performing and composing, Jonathan has been an active educator at both Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and Nashville State Community College and is a highly respected member of the Nashville music community. He is also a member of the Nashville Jazz Composers Collective.

Jonathan has been recorded on 30+ records in a variety of musical settings. Among his other contributions are performances for the 2006 film soundtrack “Black Snake Moan”. He has performed with a variety of artists including Frank Lowe, Jesus Santandreu, Don Aliquo, Alvin Fielder, Michael Jefry Stevens, Jeff Coffin, as well as many others and is committed to making unique and creative music that is fresh but also reflected of past traditions.

By his own estimates, Jonathan has written hundreds of compositions!

Weaving (Ear Up Records) is Jonathan’s first solo recording.