2013 Michael Jefry Stevens, Brian “Breeze” Cayolle, Jonathan Wires ‎– “In The Tradition”
2013 Tommy Giampietro Quartet
2013 Matthew White: The Super Villain Jazz Band
2012 Anthony Belfiglio, “Sonorscope”
2012 Larry Panella Quartet
2010 Joyce Cobb with the Michael Jefry Stevens Trio
2010 Affinity Trio, “Affinity Trio featuring Jeff Coffin”
2010 Roustabout, “Sittin’ on Top of the World”
2010 Ryan Middagh, “To Somwhere and Back Again”
2011 Composition “Once” recorded on Don Aloquo’s release, “Sun Shield” featuring Jim McNeely, Rufus Reid, and Obed Calvaire
2009 The Chris Alford Trio, Out of Here”
2009 The Instrumental Memphis Music Sampler Vol. 2
2008 Southern Excursion Quartet, “Trading Post”
2008 Memphis Belles Jazz Collection
2006 Kallen Esperian, “Lover Come Back”
2005 Louise Hoffsten, “From Linkoping to Memphis”
2005 Constellation Trio, “Live at Fresh Slices”
2005 Fried Glass Onions: Memphis Meets the Beatles Vol. 2
2005 Lynn Cardona, “Lovin’ You”
2003 Kelley Hurt, “Raindance”
2003 Andy Grooms and the Living Room, “Grateful to Burn”
2001 Chad Anderson, “People Here”
2000 Clear, “Follow the Narrow”
1999 Ben Flint, “Onyx”
1997 The Trust, “Any Kind of Shelter”