JONATHAN WIRES is a performing bassist, composer, and educator. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in MusicIMG_0227 Performance from the University of Memphis, he pursued a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies from Middle Tennessee State University. Jonathan has been an active teacher at MTSU, TSU, NSCC where he teaches a wide array of classes including, Introduction to Music, Jazz Bass, Jazz Composition, Improvisation, and Jazz Combo Ensembles.

Jonathan has served on staff at both the Vermont Jazz Institute and Nashville Jazz Workshop and continues to inspire young players around the country.

“As a teacher, I strive for transformative moments with my students. I believe listening, composing, and playing a variety of music holds the key to those transformations. I try to get my students to not just to dig deeply into the subjects I teach but also to cultivate a respect for critical thinking. My goal is to get them to figure “it” out for themselves. I find that private lessons help students toward those transformative moments. My own experience has taught me that those transformations only come through diligence, faith, consistency, and integrity. For me, witnessing even a brief revelation in a student’s progress, whether during a performance or a practice session, is the most rewarding part of teaching.” – JW

When learning to play an instrument, the student must consider: being able to produce a beautiful tone199P5349; developing the physical stamina that the instrument requires; playing rhythms and articulations correctly; incorporating and understanding dynamics; understanding style and genre; honing good listening skills; improving cognitive functions such as focus, concentration and memory skills. In addition, it is crucial that students have a grasp of theoretical music concepts. In doing so, students can better express themselves in the way they choose. It’s all about being fluid and flexible with the knowledge one gains.

M.A. Jazz Studies (Composition and Arranging). Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN.
B.M. Jazz and Studio Music (Bass Performance). University of Memphis, Memphis TN.

1992 to present time Jonathan has maintained a private teaching studio. images-1
1999-2005 Taught private lessons at Lane Music of Germantown TN.
2005 Residency at the Vermont Jazz Center Summer Program.
2010 Master Class with Miles Griffith at Rhoads College.
2011 Master Class with the Joe Davidian Trio at MTSU.
2011 Master Class with Larry Panella Quartet at University of Southern Mississippi
2012 Adjunct Instructor of Bass Studies at TSU.
2012 – to present Residency at the Nashville Jazz Workshop Summer Program.
2014 – Instructor at Nashville Jazz Workshop
2011- to present time Instructor at MTSU:
Music Appreciation
Jazz Composition
Jazz Bass (upright and electric)
Jazz Combo
Jazz Improvisation